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Backstage Ltd web site launches with over 2300 products for sale.

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Barclays Merchant Services awards eBusiness Web Solutions Merchant Development Partner(MDP) status. Together with this trusted merchant provider we can offer you a web store with fully automated credit card processing. 


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Why Your Business Should Integrate Stripe, Square, or Braintree with Salesforce

Why Your Business Should Integrate Stripe, Square, or Braintree with Salesforce

Centralizing Customer Data for Enhanced Sales Decisions

Explore the power of integrating Salesforce with payment processors. Unlock streamlined operations, real-time data, and enhanced sales decisionst empowers sales teams to act promptly, leveraging the financial data within Salesforce for informed decision-making. Integration of Salesforce with primary payment processing solutions ensures a smooth sales trajectory, keeping every piece of data synchronized, enhancing the efficiency of business operations.

Efficient Financial Data Integration with Salesforce

Regardless of whether one uses solutions like Stripe, Square, or others similar, there exist integration tools tailored for merging financial data with Salesforce. Such integrations equip sales teams with the capability to view payment data directly within Salesforce, obviating the hassle of switching between multiple software platforms. Often, this kind of data isn’t directly accessible to sales teams, making this integration invaluable.

Salesforce Connector: A World of Benefits

The advantages of using a Salesforce connector are manifold. From drafting invoices, overseeing subscriptions, tracking payments, to accessing a comprehensive financial history of customers – the benefits are vast. Eliminating the frequent email exchanges between sales and finance teams to acquire payment information, this connector paves the way for heightened time-efficiency.

Moreover, it unlocks deeper insights which may not be discernible in isolated financial records. Say, for instance, a customer delays payments; the sales team, with the data at their disposal, can promptly intervene, extending necessary assistance. It empowers the team to act with agility, basing their decisions on real-time and accurate payment data.

To optimize the sales procedure, integration of payment solutions like Stripe, Square, or similar ones with Salesforce emerges as an astute strategy. It promises time-saving benefits and equips sales teams with the critical insights necessary for sealing more deals, maintaining fluidity in the customer journey. The data within Salesforce paints a comprehensive picture of customer interactions.

Are iPaaS Platforms the Right Fit?

While iPaaS platforms offer an array of integrations across diverse platforms, they sometimes miss out on providing a bespoke solution tailored for integrating Salesforce with leading payment processing platforms. Relying on such platforms might result in a generic integration, falling short of the specific requirements of payment solutions.

Teams aim for precise data representation within Salesforce, stemming from prominent payment processing platforms. Trusting this data and deriving actionable insights become the cornerstone for successful sales strategies.

Furthermore, the integration solutions that are in the market come equipped with a thorough onboarding procedure, enabling businesses to leverage their benefits promptly. Its simplicity and intuitive user interface have received accolades from enterprises of all scales.

Is Technical Expertise a Prerequisite for Integration Deployment?

The good news is, you don’t need to be a coding guru. With the right tool, integration can be achieved effortlessly. What’s needed is access to payment platforms like Stripe, Square, or similar, coupled with Salesforce administrative rights. The integration works like a charm right from the get-go, delivering financial data within Salesforce without hitches, making the entire experience seamless.

Embarking on Your Integration Journey

Melding Salesforce with major financial tools can be remarkably straightforward with the right tools in hand. Such integrations, tailor-made for Salesforce, demystify the intricate task of aligning the objectives of sales and finance teams. If redundant manual data entries have been bogging down your operations, these integrations ensure data is accessible and editable from a singular source.

To delve deeper into the possibilities of these integrations, one can explore various demos available, understanding the intricacies and benefits they offer.

COVID & eCommerce: Our Predictions

COVID & eCommerce: Our Predictions

COVID-19 has actually shaken up the eCommerce space quite a bit. As we introduce the first blog in a series that addresses the changes to eCommerce, here’s what you need to understand and how we can help.

What are the brand-new eCommerce Opportunities?

Demand for online shopping solutions

COVID has actually substantially sped up the online shopping pattern, according to Salsify, an eCommerce technology business. Salsify calls attention to the following research:

  • A 10%– 30% increase in online spending for grocery and non-grocery items, according to L.E.K. Consulting and Civis
  • A 42% boost of online shopping by customers, according to marketing innovation company Valassis
  • A willingness by consumers to try brand-new brand names, according to Valassis

The emergence of new markets

An older group that formerly eschewed online shopping in favour of physical stores has actually shifted its habits and adopted online shopping to stay safe.

This older purchaser typically overlooked by online retailers presents a new marketing opportunity for vendors. You will have the possibility to market new products that specifically deal with their needs.

A reliance on online shopping

Even as social distancing measures are being relaxed in some areas, the future is unpredictable, and the routine of online shopping has been set. The reliance on online shopping seems here to stay.

What are the brand-new eCommerce Difficulties?

New players. Getting extra market share will not be easy. Brace yourself for more competition.

Professionals are predicting an expansion of mom and pop stores and boutiques to enter the eCommerce area to offset prepared for revue losses from foot traffic. Dining establishment meal kits have discovered their method into online grocery store digital racks. Some farmers are even offering straight to the consumer via online purchasing platforms.

With more players vying for a piece of the online pie, the worldwide businesses will deal with pressure to continue to improve their material and guarantee it is as authentic as the messaging produced by regional competitors.

What’s the essential to Your eCommerce Success?

Superior content. The strategy is tried and real, still pertinent and even more essential.

What hasn’t changed?

  • 79% of those who don’t check out English seldom or never ever visit a site in that language.
  • 51% of survey respondents would prefer to have local-language material instead of English.

How Will eBusiness Guide You?

Lionbridge will continue to direct you by means of our eCommerce Series. Keep your eye out on this area. In upcoming posts, we’ll check out methods to assist you to embrace chances and overcome difficulties to reach your target buyer in any market.

Wonder why you have great content, however, you’re not getting the outcomes you desire? We have some ideas about that. The repair may not be as difficult as you think.

What about your ability to be discovered on the crowded digital shelf? We’ll tell you what it takes to stand apart.

In the meantime, visit the eBusiness Web Solutions Services page to get immediate eCommerce support.